Can you be vegan and use wool?

In short: I think so!

This is quite a question though.  One that I personally have struggled with and am only now fully exploring. There is a lot I do not know about how yarn is sourced and produced; there are so many steps and people involved. I am interested in all of these steps and processes but I find the two questions that are the most important for me at this moment are: Were any animals harmed in any way and was the yarn produced in a mindful and environmentally sustainable way?

But, the question of this post is can you be vegan and still use yarn made of fiber derived from animals? And the answer, for me, depends on who made the yarn. From the little I know at this point and from common sense, I know it IS POSSIBLE to collect the fiber from the animals without harming them and turning that fiber into yarn. But we do know that there are so many companies out there that treat their animals horribly and do cruel and inhumane procedures such as mulesing or moving the animals so quickly through the sheering process they get several severe gashes cut into them. It’s horrible to think about and I think most people, whether they are vegan or not, wouldn’t feel good about those practices.

I want to know that I am supporting companies that care. This is why I  started this blog. I’m going to talk to people in the industry and in the community to find out as much information as possible about the methods and procedures used from start to finish in preparing cruelty-free, ethically sourced, sustainable yarn. I’m going to make sure I’m using my money to support people and business that I know care about their impact on the environment and the animals they are sourcing their fiber from.

Stay connected so I can let you know when those interviews post and as I can start endorsing yarns. I have a lot of topics I want to cover and can’t wait to share them with you. 🙂


Thank you for your interest. I’d love to hear from you. What topics do you want me to cover, what questions do you want answered? Leave your comments and questions below.



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